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Carpets in West London

Attractive carpets add warmth and chic to any room. We make it easy for you to enhance your existing colour scheme and match furnishings with custom-made colours and designs. At Hani Wells Flooring we make sure that you can get what you want at excellent trade prices. We keep all of our prices as low as possible, offering you the finest Carpets in West London that you can buy. Our goal is to give you perfect carpet services at the reasonable prices. We believe in an excellence service and honest advice. You can choose the right Carpets for your individual needs.
We can deliver value for money plus friendly advice together with a team of dedicated professional Carpets in West London. Moreover, we are giving free delivery on carpets service with a free estimate.

Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate flooring is a multipurpose choice in floor coverings. We have a great range of laminate flooring collections to browse and find the perfect style to compliment your personal taste.
Each and every time you buy Laminate wood Flooring, you want to be sure that you know accurately how much you want, and how much it will cost. Our laminate flooring is sensibly selected for its genuine design and refined surface structures. We are a leading supplier of Laminate Wood Flooring in the UK and offering a comprehensive range of flooring products to suit all homes and locations.

We have more than nine years of knowledge as flooring professionals. Our flooring is a profitable solution for all rooms in the home, including any living rooms and kitchens. The main advantage of our laminate flooring is that it looks attractive in approximately any room in the home and is according to your own taste. If you would like to get professional service about laminate and solid wood flooring and want to get a high quality floor at highly competitive prices then please do not hesitate to call us on 0207 723 5522. We will be happy to help. Our service covers the whole of Central London.

Flooring service for domestic and commercial purposes

Laminate is a much ideal choice over the carpet when it comes to renovating your room because they are easy to install or clean and maintain and with a large variety of styles or colours and budget. Each and every time you buy laminate wood flooring, you need to be sure that you know exactly how much you need, and how much it will cost. Our laminate flooring is wisely selected for its genuine design and refined surface structures and we stock laminate in a vast range of wood colours or tones and designs for you to choose from. We have more than nine years of knowledge laminate wood flooring in west London. We are a best supplier of wood flooring and offering a comprehensive variety of flooring products to suit all homes and locations. Continue reading

The best UK supplier of flooring

If you are in need of beautiful, hard-wearing flooring that is easy to maintain, then our laminate flooring is for you. A long lasting choice that is best for family homes, Hani Wells Flooring is one of the best UK supplier of laminate flooring and offering a wide variety of laminate wood flooring in different styles.Which will be suited to all homes and locations. We assured that our laminate flooring is a beneficial and economical solution for all rooms in the home, including living rooms and kitchens. One of the main advantages of laminate flooring is that it looks beautiful and great in closely any room in the house. Continue reading

Vinyl flooring for bathroom West London

Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor! Are you ready to grab such million dollars opportunity which can give new meaning to your life? Let’s have fun with your new genuine stylish and colorful well designed Vinyl flooring for bathroom West London. Such versatility in products is only available at Hani Wells Flooring. If your mind is somewhere about services cost then calm down and let’s beautify your home at unbeatable prices with our classic and wide range of vinyl flooring. Continue reading

Vinyl Flooring for commercial West London

Have you ever thought of flooring that could change the entire look of your room or a building? Are you looking for this type of floor that could enhance the look of your commercial building or offices in a cost effective way? If you are in search for this, then you have just landed on the right page. Yes, Hani Wells Flooring is a well known company that deals in floor coverings and various other types of flooring. It is particularly famous for its vinyl flooring for commercial West London. This flooring is an ideal choice for commercial purposes. It gives an overall neat and professional look to the rooms and ads up to their beauty instantly. Continue reading

Wall Panels for Hotels west London

Are you planning for a renovation in your hotel? Do you think that the hotel walls look very obsolete and dull? Well, this is just the right time to bring a transformation to your hotel walls and overall look. Hani Wells Flooring brings you a wonderful service by providing you with a range of wall panels for hotels west London. These wall panels are available in different designs and style to meet your requirements. You can choose the design and colors according to the theme of your hotel so that it goes well with the overall ambiance and adds a perfect look to the hotel. Continue reading

Fantastic Flooring Solution

Vinyl flooring for commercial West London

Commercial premises are usually high traffic areas that need almost hard-wearing and strong floors. If you’re looking for Vinyl flooring for commercial West London so browse our commercial vinyl flooring products that are exactly designed for offices, shops, galleries, schools, universities and more. We assure that you’ll be impressed by our expert variety of service and inexpensive prices which we will provide you. Our vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, commercial and industrial applications. We are supplying the only finest quality new vinyl flooring prepared from the first-class materials. Furthermore our vinyl flooring range is best for a massive amount of purposes in a range of places, like office or night clubs , restaurants and reception areas. Continue reading

Wood flooring west London

Have you recently shifted to a new home with new furniture and complete wooden flooring and life is looking like heaven to you with everything new but unluckily in the short span of time you came to know that the floors of your home have become crippled and ruptured from its base, leaving you in stress? Completely shocked, nervous and confused! Don’t get afraid if it has really happened in reality and don’t abandon hope yet, as Hani Wells Flooring is here to fix your issues and provide you with complete support till you are fully satisfied as we are significant as the best Wood flooring west London. Continue reading

Wall Panels for offices west London

Is the paint of your office walls chipping off? And it keeps reoccurring time after time? Are you worried about the overall impact of this on your office’s work environment? Are you looking for a suitable and permanent solution to this? Well, Hani Wells Flooring has come to your rescue with its very effective wall panels for offices West London. These wall panels come in a range of different designs and styles to meet the needs of the customers. They usually are available in neutral shades to go with any office ambiance. The best thing about our wall panels is that they beautify the entire look of the office setting and makes it appear more sophisticated and professional, in no time at all. It helps in avoiding the problem that is caused as a result of wall paint chipping off , getting dirty and giving an unimpressive over all look to the entire room. These panels are easy to put up, maintain and clean. They can be changed as well whenever required. So if you have an office that desperately needs a makeover, then the first thing that you should consider is to change the look of its walls and go for the wall panel designs offered by Hani wells Flooring to bring an instant transformation to the office looks. Continue reading