Carpets and wood flooring

We are a UK based company that offers  massive range of Carpets and wood flooring options from our showroom .We  stock a range of tremendous flooring which includes carpets, vinyl’s, laminate and wood flooring and wall panels. Our clients include in London, estate agents, property managers, architects, Interior designers, and management facility companies etc. Our main focus is  to supply all our customers  with high quality Carpets and wood flooring  manufactured to high standards, available in many colors and designs.

Solid Wood Flooring in West London

Solid wood flooring is one of the greatest desires of every home owner ,these days. It also helps in increasing the market value of the house ,and adds to the décor and beauty of the house. If you are looking for a real solid wood flooring for your premises, then at Hani wells flooring, we are providing best Solid Wood Flooring in West London, which can add warmth and splendor to any premises. It is the most preferred floor covering which can increase the value of any home.

Our wood floors can compliment any type of interior whether it be a traditional or a modern. You can trust our expertise and buy your required items with confidence. We offer free delivery Solid Wood Flooring in West London, direct to your door. So make the right decision now, and call us on :0207 723 5522,for the best discounts and the latest deals or email us at

Our solid wood floors can be formed in a collection of widths and finishes, dependent on the wood species.

Laminate wood flooring in west London

As a best market leader of Laminate wood flooring in west London,We are providing great flexibility material that means you can find the perfect high quality flooring product to match your flooring requirements. More we are constantly working to develop new Laminate wood flooring in west London,We can produce exact architectural design solutions, from early achievability plans through to comprehensive construction architectural diagrams. Our Ideal wealth of experience we have built an excellent reputation for unique range of Laminate wood flooring.

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