Vinyl Flooring for commercial West London

Have you ever thought of flooring that could change the entire look of your room or a building? Are you looking for this type of floor that could enhance the look of your commercial building or offices in a cost effective way? If you are in search for this, then you have just landed on the right page. Yes, Hani Wells Flooring is a well known company that deals in floor coverings and various other types of flooring. It is particularly famous for its vinyl flooring for commercial West London. This flooring is an ideal choice for commercial purposes. It gives an overall neat and professional look to the rooms and ads up to their beauty instantly. Continue reading

Wall Panels for Hotels west London

Are you planning for a renovation in your hotel? Do you think that the hotel walls look very obsolete and dull? Well, this is just the right time to bring a transformation to your hotel walls and overall look. Hani Wells Flooring brings you a wonderful service by providing you with a range of wall panels for hotels west London. These wall panels are available in different designs and style to meet your requirements. You can choose the design and colors according to the theme of your hotel so that it goes well with the overall ambiance and adds a perfect look to the hotel. Continue reading