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Vinyl flooring for commercial West London

Commercial premises are usually high traffic areas that need almost hard-wearing and strong floors. If you’re looking for Vinyl flooring for commercial West London so browse our commercial vinyl flooring products that are exactly designed for offices, shops, galleries, schools, universities and more. We assure that you’ll be impressed by our expert variety of service and inexpensive prices which we will provide you. Our vinyl flooring is a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms, commercial and industrial applications. We are supplying the only finest quality new vinyl flooring prepared from the first-class materials. Furthermore our vinyl flooring range is best for a massive amount of purposes in a range of places, like office or night clubs , restaurants and reception areas. Continue reading

Wood flooring west London

Have you recently shifted to a new home with new furniture and complete wooden flooring and life is looking like heaven to you with everything new but unluckily in the short span of time you came to know that the floors of your home have become crippled and ruptured from its base, leaving you in stress? Completely shocked, nervous and confused! Don’t get afraid if it has really happened in reality and don’t abandon hope yet, as Hani Wells Flooring is here to fix your issues and provide you with complete support till you are fully satisfied as we are significant as the best Wood flooring west London. Continue reading