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Just suppose if you get one day free from your hectic work routine and you think about your home but you get stunned when you look at the walls and floors of your home to find them crummy and shabby by look, all of this really turns your mood off. As you get into your room and you notice that the carpet is full of stains and dirt, and you get dismayed. It’s the actual moment to ponder that either you can give more time to things to get wasted completely or you have to take a step to replace and refresh the tattered and faded walls, floors and carpets of your home. One simple answer to all of your worries is that you would definitely prefer to change the look of your home and for this you can never find a better option than Hani Wells Flooring, being one of the best retailer of Wood and Laminate Flooring west London. Continue reading

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We are based in Edgware Road edged Maida Vail Road near Paddington.We are in this business for most probably nine years and since then have a brilliant reputation for providing all kind of Carpets and wood flooring for residential and commercial use. Our aim is to offer the products at the reasonable prices. We just believe in a quality service and honest advice for all of our customers. Our knowledgeable team will offer a complete service with free delivery for your ease. We ,at Haniwells flooring can help you to unlock the potential of your home. Continue reading