Laminate flooring Company

We are one of the UK’s leading Laminate flooring company, experts in all kinds of flooring products with professional service and full support whenever you purchase. Our main purpose is to give you quality flooring products at affordable prices. Our variety of flooring can suit every style, requirement and budget. You can find products from solid oak and laminate flooring to natural beautiful wood effect and wooden wall panels.

Haniwellsflooring, is one of the best suppliers of laminate flooring, offering a complete range of flooring products to suit all homes and locations. Our Laminate flooring is an economical solution for all living rooms and kitchens. The main advantages of laminate flooring is that it looks beautiful in approximately any room in the house.Its main advantage is that it’s easier to clean and it is exceptionally durable.

Laminate floor for home

Our Laminate floor is the ideal for modern homes. You can create a stylish appearance throughout the house with our Laminate flooring range that comes in different styles, designs and colors to choose from. We are passionate about our every feature of our business.

Wood Panel for home west London

If you are looking for wood panel for home in west London ,at haniwellsflooring you can find a vast range of wood panels for your requirements. We are offering complete wood panel design services in UK. We are one of a leading suppliers of decorative wall panels in UK, for Hotels and office in west London .For many years we are working in the wall panel business and pride ourselves on our customer service and quality products at competitive prices. You can get best advice on wall panel services whenever you visit our show room .Our wood panel designs are all made to measure from quality paneling products. Whether you have a small or a big budget, we will take the time with you to look at what option will be best to suit your home’s interior style.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range so that you can find the perfect wood panel designs. To take advantage of our great wood panel services, you can visit our showroom at 452 Edgware Road, London, W2 IEG.

Engineered Wood Flooring West London

Over the past some year’s the engineered wood floors are becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial properties. Engineered wood flooring have been designed to deliver best stability, particularly about moisture problems of solid flooring. If you are looking for top quality engineered wood flooring in west London, for your home or if you want to enjoy the feel of real wood, then haniwellsflooring’s engineered wooden flooring is best for you.There are a lot of engineered wooden floorings available in the market. But what makes us different is, the quality of our flooring .We’ve been in this business for many years’ and have acquired wealth of experience in the wooden floor industry. You can believe in our knowledge and expertise which, we have acquired over the number of years working in this industry. Every member of our team is professional in flooring service, so we can give you the very best advice on all aspects of your purchase.

Engineered wood flooring services

Our wide variety of engineered floors designed with style and durability, will best suit your budget .And whatever your requirements are, you are sure to find the right wood flooring for your home, once you give us a visit. Whenever you come to haniwellsflooring showroom for shopping, you can find different flooring options offering the stability and durability that you need in a busy modern living environment, alongside the reliable prices that homeowners are looking for, all under one roof. Engineered wood flooring is the best selling flooring type and has proved to be one of the most useful type of flooring product. Our flooring products are manufactured using advanced technology .All of our floorboards are built with three tiers for example, a real wood wear layer or central core for stability and a balancing veneer on top. Our Engineered wood flooring will give the beautiful look of your home flooring. At Haniwellsflooring, we give you the ultimate real wood beauty but with solidity too. We have a stunning selection of engineered wooden floors including engineered oak flooring and many other general species. Our engineered wood floors are the perfect choice for hardwearing busy family homes. Of course, you can choose the style that best suits your needs. To find out more information about complete Flooring services, get in touch today at, or contact us at this number 0207 723 5522.